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This song appears on the album "Lucidity (2006)" by Delain. 
me faltan chords  si alguien los agrega mejor
i miss some chodrs so....... if you can help


Sim           Fa#m              Mim 
Standing in the shadow of our lies 

       RE    LA                   Sim 
To hide our imperfections 

        Fa#m    Mim       RE/LA 
Doing anything we can to hide 

Sim          Fa#m           Mim 
Eyes wide open but still blind 

    RE  LA           Sim 
To see what really matters 

         Fa#m        Mim 
And insecurity won't go 

  RE LA 
See me in shadow 

Sim                Fa#m           Mim 
Standing by the ruins of your soul 
                RE    LA         Sim 
That cries for some more meaning 
                    Fa#m        Mim 
Wondering when you have 

  RE LA         Mim
Become so cold 


So cold 

Sim                                   Fa#m 
And all the pictures of your past are gone 

    Mim     SOL 
So cold, so cold 

Forget yourself 
And who you are 

Fa#m           MIm           Sim 
Another life is not that far 

Standing by the paintings of your dreams 
But you have awoken 
And all the purples and the greens 
Have turned to black 
And the ruins of your soul 
Have died, no more meaning 
I wonder when you have Become so cold 

Repeat chorus 

Not that far
Not that far

calvi taty
la mejor
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