Delays - Lillian tab

when your Heart Stops Beating
2006 Interscope Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
FM7 - xx3210
Am -  x02210
Dm -  xx0231
C -   x32010
G/B - x2x003
F -   133211
G -   320003


Part 1: F--Am(x4)

Part 2: FM7--Am (x2)

Verse 1: Use the plucking in the intro part 2
FM7                   Am
  The place I used to live made me feel like a tourist
FM7              Am            G
  I couldn't co-exist with the cold and suspicious
FM7                       Am
  When the last remaining light was starting to filter
FM7                     Am           G
  It seemed the perfect time to step into the future

Your heart is a grave to be perfectly honest
     C                 G
Your mouth's a smoking gun
And you smile while twisting the knife in my stomach
      C             G
Until everything is gone
     Dm               C           G
Take all you can from me I've got weak constitution
    Dm            C-G        F(hold)
I'm lead so easily, so easily

(Repeat Intro part 2)

Verse 2:
FM7               Am
  I left it all behind in the dead of last winter
FM7               Am            G
  I left it all behind, but the question still lingers
FM7                 Am
  So long forgotten friends. No you don't know the difference
FM7                      Am            G
  Between love and submission, and I'm not that obedient

(Repeat Chorus)

Interlude 2: C--G/B-Am-F (x2)

C                      G/B        Am        F
  And she's trying to sleep it off with her head on my shoulder
C                   G/B        Am     F
  And I'm trying to keep it out of my thoughts when I hold her

(Repeat Chorus)
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