Delbert Mcclinton - Victim Of Lifes Circumstances chords

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G         C           G
It's 6:05am on Sunday morning. 
      G            C                          G
I was supposed to leave for Memphis late last night
    G               C                G
I stopped at one of them old highway places
    G               C                D            G
And because I did I sleep in Carroll county jail tonight

I started out the night with good intentions, 
but I ended up getting sideways drinking wine
Well, the last thing I remember we were rolling
Then something hit my head and knocked me from my conscious mind

       D                      G
I'm a victim of life's circumstances
A                          D
Raised around barrooms and Friday night dances
C                        G
Singing them old country songs
G              C              D             G
Half the time waking up some place I don't belong


Say jailer, hey what y'all got me charged with
Then he looked at me and he halfway closed one eye.
He said you mean to say you don't remember
Cuttin' up some honky with that bone handled knife

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