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Delirious - Angel In Disguise chords

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wake me up, shake me up,
E                                                           D          E
break me up and put me back together
take my crown, let me drown,
E                                                               D          E
bring me round then stay with me forever
F#m  A          D                       G
I---'ve       never known a love like this
F#m                       E                   A
Maybe you're an angel in disguise

D            E
Call my name
A                                E
Somebody take me away
D           E       F#m            A
Rescue me,  completely
D              E
No more shame
A                              E
Somebody take it away
D           E
Rescue me.

Wake me up, take me up,
E                                                         D       E
feel the heat it's closer now than ever.
Secrets hide in the sand,
E                                                             D              E
Take these bones and put me back together.
F#m         A               D                        G
oh----, oh you're killing me with just one kiss.
F#m                 E              A
maybe i'm an angel in disguise
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