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Delirious - Happy Song tab

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The Happy Song by Delirious 

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Bb                     F 
I could sing unending songs 
    Gm                              Eb 
of how you've saved my soul 
      Bb                            F 
and I could dance a thousand miles 
    Gm                         Eb 
because of your great love.  (repeat) 
      Bb                              F 
My heart is bursting Lord to tell of all You've done 
    Gm                                               Eb 
Of how You've changed my life and wiped away the past. 
  Bb                            F 
I wanna shout it out - from every rooftop sing 
      Gm                               Eb 
For now I know that God is for me not against me. 
   Eb                                              Bb 
Everybody's singin' now - cuz we're so happy 
   Eb                                              Bb 
everybody's dancin' now - cuz we're so free 
If only we could see your face 
see you smiling over us 
unseen angels celebrate 
cuz joy is in this place! 
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