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Delorentos - The Stream chords

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The Stream by Delorentos. 
Tabbed by Dylan Colley.

This is from their third album, Little Sparks. They do quite a nice acoustic version of this too, 
for which Rónan plays these chords (I think) all as barre chords, except the E which is open. 
Has a great rhythm, so listen out for that. Pretty simple altogether.

Verse 1:

The walls are tied into the soul,
(A)                  E
No light to guide or let me know.
And the sea will never let me go,
(A)                           E
Just hold me and crush me and take control.
But you say that and walk out when you don't
(A)                                        E
Know the half of the things that I've been through
(E)                              A
Even though I love you, you're a fool.

A                  C#         F#m
But the stream, it carries me on
(F#m)    A          C#                      F#m
Both the leaves and banks are kissed by the sun
(F#m)        A           C#
Just take me away to the place
(C#)   F#m                D
That I went to when I was young
A              E           A
The stream, it carries me on. 

Verse 2:

The fight will tighten up the ropes,
'Till feelings gone and freedoms choked.
And a cry will only feed the flame
And the faintest call would be same.
Heartaches and sorrows, floating from the
Treetops with nothing to bind them to.
I'm tied up, defenceless,
Hanging by a feeling with nothing to fall into.
Even though I love you you're a fool.


That's it really, pretty simple. The rhythm might take a tad bit of getting used to for beginners, 
but you don't have to use their rhythm really.
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