Delta Spirit - Vivian chords

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Delta Spirit - Vivian
Half Step Down if using open chords: (from the their thealternateside studio session)
Add a Capo to the 4th fret from standard tuning if you want to be in the same key 
as the recorded version.
Gb      B     Db     Db7     Ebm    Bb7
|3     |0     |2     |2      |0     |X
|0     |1     |3     |1      |0     |X
|0     |0     |2     |2      |0     |2
|0     |2     |0     |0      |2     |1
|2     |3     |X     |X      |2     |2
|3     |0     |X     |X      |0     |X

Gb          Gb       B  Gb 
Sleep, Oh, Sleep, My Vivian
Gb            Gb           Db Db7
Heaven is too cold without you
Ebm                   Bb7   B        Gb 
Well, I'll stay right here above the clouds
Gb             Db          Gb     Gb
Waiting to see Heaven with you

After the first three verses: there's a break of: Gb Gb B Gb | Gb Db Gb Gb
The next Break plays through the whole verse again.
The recorded version is in the key of B.
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