Delta Spirit - Yamaha tab

I saw another similar version, but i found a different chord pattern:

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Key: Bb minor

Chords you will use:
C# F# Fm

( use a capo on your first fret and play C F and Em )

Intro: ( the same chords will be used through out the song )

F# C# Fm C#
F# Fm C# C#

So cold, I know you can't believe it
Sometimes you gotta face the feeling
When you don't care if you get up again
There's a thousand things I will not understand
How you dealing with the hell I put you through?
If I had my way I would be right there next to you
There's certain things in life you cannot change
There's certain things

Keep on playing the same chords in the same pattern.

Here is the tab that you play after the: "I hope you know i can" verse:

E -----9--6--4---1-4-2-1---------------------|
B -----------------------4-2-----------------|
G -------------------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------|

In the outro - there's a guitar that does this:

E ----------------------|
B ----------------------|
G ----4/6---4/6---------|  - and repeat until the song is over.
D ----------------------|
A ----------------------|
E ----------------------|

And another guitar that does this:

E -1-4-2-1---|  - and repeat until the song is over.
B -----------|
G -----------|
D -----------|
A -----------|
E -----------|

Thanks all and have fun playing
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