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Depapepe - Share My World chords

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Acoustic & Dining
Depapepe feat.Singular ~ Share My World

Intro : Bm7 Amaj7 x4

See you at the station, rain pours down on the pavement.
Is there really no one waiting up back home?
They may say I'm crazy, 'cos I take things way so easy.
But they don't know how much I've got to show.
Dreaming of you always, Riding on the subway
Sitting all alone it seems so wrong.
See how hard you're working. Things they got you are doing.
Nothing but the night to call you own.

                       Bm7       Dm7                Amaj7
But under moonlit clouds and seaside sounds, I feel so fine 

Tell me anything you want to do, anywhere you want to go
I'm the one who take you there, music play up in the air
Dm7                                         E7           F#m7
Get away from everyone, Padapadapada in the sun, have some fun.

Bmaj7-C#m7-D#m7 Emaj7     D#m7
Just let it go, now I know
                 C#m7                      F#7
You need a little time before you make your move
        Emaj7                     D#m7
But I'm patient baby, for when you are ready
    G#m7            F#m7
So come, share my world.
Bmaj7-C#m7-D#m7 Emaj7     D#m7
Oh don't you know, now I'm yours.
                       C#m7                      F#7
I'd give you all the time, my lovin' heart and soul
                 Emaj7                     D#m7
So what I'm thinking baby, whenever you are ready
     Emaj7                      F#7
Just be right here beside me so we can finally be who we are 

Intro : Emaj7 Bmaj7 x2

No more hesitation, no more endless waiting.
Spend all our time a world apart.
We should be together. Times only get better
Come on, now please don't break my heart.

            Bm7                   Dm7                   Amaj7
'Cos under moonlit clouds with seaside sounds, I feel สบาย(sabai)

repeat # ,repeat *

Intro : Dmaj7 Bmaj7 Dmaj7 F#7

Emaj7  Bbm7b5          D#maj7 D#7             G#m7  
Thai : 
(Mai roo ther ja khao jai arai nai chan bang rue plao)
C#m7    D#m7      Emaj7-Amaj7-C#m7b5   F#7
Jap :

repeat *

coda : Bm7 Amaj7
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