Depeche Mode - I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead chords

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This poppy song sounds like it was created in 50-60s :)
If you'll play it in guitar, I advice to play each chord with "gumpy" manner: 
(G)one-two, (D)one-two, (C)one-two, (G)one-two...and so on :)  

G         D          
New sound all around
C                  G 
You can hear it too 
G            D
Getting hot, never stop
C                  G  
Just for me and you 
A             Bm        C               D         
Playing on my radio and saying that you had to go 

G       D  
New day turn away
C                 G 
Wipe away the tear 
G          D
New night, feel right 
C                       G 
Knowing that you're here 
A                Bm                C                    D         
Dancing with you all the time, and don't you think that it's a crime 

G           D 
Back street never meet
C              G 
Never say goodbye 
G      D     
I know where you go 
C                    G
But I don't know why 
A                  Bm             C             D             
You say that it's from above, and I say this is modern love

That's all! :)
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