Depeche Mode - Angel Of Love chords

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                      Angel of Love - Depeche Mode
Tabbed by: Myself

Tuning: Standard

This is the new Depeche Mode song unveiled today that will be on their as-of-yet 
unnamed 2013 album.

Chords (Verse):

First chord gets two measures, the second two get one measure each, so:

Em                                   Am7            Gsus2
  The angel of love was upon me, and lord I felt so small

Chords (Chorus):

Each chord gets one measure exxcept the last Em, which gets two.

C   Bm       Am7       Gsus2  Em  Em
 Oh leave me here   forever - more

Guitar Riff:

This is played when the second verse begins and persists for the rest of the verse.

       Em             Em            Am7         Gsus2
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