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Derek Holt - Couldnt Get It Right tab

Climax Blues Band (Derek Holt)

Intro: Bm-A-Bm (3x)

Bm                                      Bm-A-G
Time was driftin', this rock had got to roll
                              Bm        G-A-Bm
So I hit the road and made my getaway
Bm                                    Bm-A-G
Restless feeling, I really gotta hold
I started searching for a better way

D                           A                         Em
And I kept on looking for a sign in the middle of the night
                             F# > G                       D   
  A  G
But I couldn't see the light--,     no I couldn't see the light--
  D                     A                         Em
I kept on looking for a way to take me through the ni—ght
                      G                          E (bass walk: 
G F# E)
But I couldn't get it right, no I couldn't get it right--

LA fever, made me feel alright
But I must admit it got the best of me
Gettin' down, so deep I nearly drowned
I can't get back to where I used to be


Solo over Verse

New York City, took me with the tide
I nearly died from hospitality
Left me stranded and took away my pride
Just another know-it-all fatality

(Chorus 3X to fade)


E --------------------------------------------------5-5------|
B ---5b7r5—3~-------------------3--5b7r5p3h5--3--5^7---------|
G ------------4-22222h4~----2h4---4----------4---------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------------|

E ---------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---5b7r5—3~-----------5p3-3--------------3-5-3---3-5b7r5p3h5---|
G ------------4-22222h4~---4-4-2h4---2-2-4-------4---------------|
D ---------------------------------------------------------------|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------|
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