Derek Webb - From You To Me chords

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Intro - C - C2 - Csus - C - C2 - Csus - C - G 2x's 
   C      C2         Csus  C 

It starts with plain geography
  C     C2      Csus   C    G 
A dozen ways to get to Tennessee 
C         C2       Csus    C 
South and west and all the rest 
C    C2   Csus      C      G 
It's educational to some degree 
I'm studying dead languages
   F                                 Dm 
In hopes that they might rise in melody 
              F    G            C (intro pattern) 
With a little speed from you to me 

God makes a tabernacle from 
A rock, a rib, and our two crooked frames 
And Houston at the airport where 
I saw you there and everything got changed 
A ticket home to somewhere north 
A compass and a map I could not read 
Tracing the path from you to me 

  F               Em 
A ship out in the dark 
            F           E7
The fog was heavy on my skin 
       F                      Em
There appeared, though dim at first, 
           F                  G 
A house, a light that drew me in 

Instrumental - A - A2 - Asus - A - A2 - Asus - A - E - G 

Bound by chords of kindnesses 
And vows that whisper after storms have stilled 
Against my calculations 
Clearly I did not dream big enough for this 
You and I are on the battlefield 
"I am a man, have mercy," did I plea 
            F       Dm
And love it bleeds 
            F       Dm 
And love it bleeds 
            F       G 
And love it bleeds 
            F - Em - F - Em - F - G - C 
From you to me 

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