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Derogatory Remarks - One Time tab
Band: Derogatory Remarks
Song: One Time 2003
Album: Songs About 

?this is only the rythm guitar part?
and the lyrics may not be exact, but if its that important to you, you probably know
them already anyway.  they're close enought that the meaning of the song isn't lost,
and they may be exact.

Chords Used
     G      A      C      D       F
e   -3-   -0-   -0-   -2-   -1-
b   -0-   -0-   -1-   -3-   -1-
g   -0-   -2-   -0-   -2-   -2-
d   -0-   -2-   -2-   -0-   -3-
a   -2-   -0-   -3-   -0-   -0-
E   -3-   -0-   -0-   -0-   -0-

Intro  GACD x4 (palm mute)  
         GACD x4

Verse 1
G            A               C              D
this time things are gonna be diffrent
G            A           C                 D
ya right who the fuck am I kidding
I wish I could talk to you alone
but its just so much more easy on this open microphone

Chorus (palm mute)
  C                                                          F  
one time I don't want to hear about it...two its over before I started
   G                                                     A         
three times and I don't want to be me... and the fourth time Im failing
I should just give up already

Verse 2
you said that I was most important
but I'll believe that the day I turn retarded
its hard just to look at your face
 when in a matter of a year I know I'm already replace

Chorus (same as first but without the palm mute)

Verse 3 (palm mute, gradually increase volume)
fuck you I'm sorry that I said it
and I know that I may live to regret it
fuck you oops I did it again
and oh my god I guess I'll never hear the end of it

Chorus x2

G   A  C  D 
I guess I should just give up already  x4

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