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Derogatory Remarks - Slut tab
Artist: Derogatory Remarks
Song: Slut  2003
Album: Songs About Marcie


     G        C      F

e   -3-   -0-   -1-|
b   -0-   -1-   -1-|
g   -0-   -0-   -2-|
d   -0-   -2-   -3-|
a   -2-   -3-   -0-|
E   -3-   -0-   -0-|



Verse 1  (one down strum of each chord for basically each word, for the most part)
 (G) I (C) met (F) a girl (C) ya (G) her (C) name (F) was (C) Marcie
she was real cute and very friendly
we went to my place I undid her jeans
he body was straight out of my wet dreams
we went to my bed but when I woke up
she was gone and my heart was broke up

G      C      F        C
I fell in love with a slut    x4

Verse 2
she ran her mouth said that I was eazy
but not that bad I felt so sleazy
I still liked her I don't know why
even when I saw her with another guy
they were leaving just like we had
Know I shouldn't get so fucking mad
but i do 'cause----


C                                   D                           G
a real slut slut slut slut  slut slut slut slut a real slut. x2

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