Desaparecidos - Te Amo Camila Vallejo chords

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Ok, so Desaparecidos are back after a ridiculously long hiatus & they've probably 
released the 3 best double A-sides ever; but what am I saying; you know that, 
that's why you're here to rock-out.

(Notes: Tabbed thanks to the amazing Chorify ("Something"[1] search it) - on both 
verse & chorus drop the accenting notes off the chords - listen to the song for 
the rhythm, but it's super easy to pick up). - Song is open, in standard tuning, 
they're about to start playing it live, so let's see if they transpose it upwards 
with Capos; but none needed for this tab.

- Special thanks to Denver Dalley for introducing me to my biggest hero: Conor 
Oberst, & hanging out with us all on tour (along with Matt Baum, Landon Hedges, 
Ian McElroy & all the great folks who made a few small town rock shows the 
greatest; seriously!); hopefully this little ditty does you proud.


D (two/four bars) - Bm - G - D // Bm - G - 

(...into...) Verse:

E                               A       D                             G
When tear gas falls and bullets fly // I'm going to stay right by your side
The police push and you just smile // They could never match your style
E (single)                  - G             - A
All winter we will march // By spring this town is ours

D                      Bm
Oh Camila, You have a fire in your heart
     A                                                           G  
They tried to say this was impossible, But I know you'll prove them wrong
D - Bm        //    A         G
Oh Camila
You have the people in your palm
They're overflowing in the plaza
Here to sing your rebel song
D / - G - E - G - A

(Intro again)
D (two/four bars) - Bm - G - D // Bm - G - (Into)

[Verse 2]
E                               A       D                             G
Assassins stalk and insults fly // I know you're not afraid to die
And when I look into your eyes // I know that now neither am I
E (Single)                      - G           - A
Hear the cacerolazos start // Banging down the boulevard


D       Bm                //    A         G
Oh Camila
Now the future is on the way
The workers are resisting
And the students chant your name

D - Bm        //    A         G
Oh Camila
We've been saving for today
Let me carry your umbrella
Let's go walking in the rain
D / - G - E - G - A


(Guitar 1: - 4 downstrokes with pause noted as)
Bm //-// D //-// G //-// A //-// (all x4)

(Guitar 2:)
E: 2   5-3-2 -5   2    (Repeat all second time post-rock it (Listen for it)).
B:   3      3  3-3 3-3 


D - Bm        //    A         G
Oh Camila
You put a fire in my heart
I don't know what's going to happen
But I want to do my part

D - Bm        //    A         G
Oh Camila
If it all goes up in flames
Once the lies and greed and fear burns out
The truth is what remains remains remains

(Intro again)
D (two/four bars) - Bm - G - D // Bm - G - (Finish on:) D


[1] - Arrested Development reference, apologies.

Dedicated to Camila Vallejo - keep resisting sister.
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