Desperation Band - This Is Our God tab

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Song  : This Is Our God
Band  : Desperation Band
Album : My Savior Lives
Key   : G

G D     C2

Verse 1: 
Am7                D/F#  Am7                D/F#
The hope of every nation, the joy of every heart
Am7                 D/F#  Am7                     D/F#
The King who won salvation, the God who comes for us

C2                 D         G  C2  D/F#
Oh, the world must see Your love and Majesty

             G                D  
This is our God, this is our King
             Am7            Em
This is the anthem of the redeemed
                 C2                  G
Tell the whole world, let everyone sing
             D                 G (Am7)
This is our God, this is our King

Verse 2:
Am7                        D/F#   Am7                D/F#
The Light that broke the darkness, The Champion over death
Am7          D/F#  Am7                D/F#
Victorious forever, Your Kingdom never ends

Am7 Em  G            D

Am7 Em  G            D
  Oh,  this is our anthem
Am7 Em  G/B        D/F#
  Oh,  this is our God

Play the Am7 instead of the G when going to the bridge.
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