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Destroyer - Its Gonna Take An Airplane tab

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Since most of the chords are played on an off-beat, as shown over
the intro, it takes some practice to sing and play the chords 
at the same time.  Get the rhythm down and the words will fall 
into place.  The placement of the A G A verse chords are rough.

 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
 Bm        A   G           A    

Bm A  G A
                   Bm       A     G              A
It's gonna take an airplane    to get me off the ground.
        Bm           A         G               A        
I don't blame anyone who isn't sticking around,
      A               G      A               G
Cause when you stick around (when you stick around)
A                                G
People like to put things in the ground.

        Bm  A  G       A     
Now, in my        Evil empire
Bm   A    G               A     
I      Am gonna be a star in the 
A     G    A             G             A
Night sky above. "So you think this is love?"
Yes, I guess so, At least something to make it from...

G                              F#m
Dressed like a dream dreamt by Lola magazine,
Bm                       Em
Baby you were born to be seen.
    G                 A
And art's just the start!
Now step inside the Widowmaker
And listen to your heart!
G           A                 Bm
Always 'the play', never 'the thing'...

Bm    A  G     A
      Bm   A     G      A
           don't mind    
Bm                  A      G        A
spending their time in the ocean
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