Deus - The Ideal Crash tab

The Ideal Crash  -  dEUS

trans. by Avi & Stewart

Verse -
G / Em / G 

G                           G
Stay by my side, it's over, the ride isn't what I told you
    Em                                  G    
the painkiller-side of this night is to not look behind it's over

and all of the verses continues like this...

this is at 0:56 - 1:06 & 2:31 - 2:40 - 
Em                           A           Am 
I'm drawing myself the ideal crash but I know I won't believe me.

   _________________________   _____________________________
  /        over the G       \ /     played over the Em      \

Chorus -
C / C / Am / G 

C                                           Am
CRASH you're life's been sucking 'cause you wanna mess around,
     G                       C                                   Am
can anybody down you with a CRASH another way of saying that you like 
               G                          F             
to make it up as you move along. If it's a lot, show them what you 

Bridge -
F / Am

         F                     Am
If it's a lot, show them what you got
                     F                   Am
Right now I need my hands, to cover this shit up
          F                     Am     F                         Am
I need my eyes to see where I'm going, and I need someone.........

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