Deus - Wake Me Up Before I Sleep tab

Wake Me Up Before I Sleep  -  dEUS

trans. by Avi, Nadja Weber & Stewart

Intro -
G / D  

with a slide - 

Verse - 
G / D / Em / Bm / G

Chorus -
F#m / G 

G                         G                          D
Wake me up before I sleep and I'll promise that I'll concentrate
   D                    Em                    Bm
On only the last frame, Cover only one sound, Some kinda sweet, weird 
kinda strange around me

G                         G                      D
Wake me up before I sleep can't you see too many colours here,
D                                  Em                        Bm
colours there colours everywhere, cover only one ground, the blackest 
of blacks I don't want to surround me

        F#m                     G
There's nothing I can say, that isn't gonna be
        F#m                    G
there's nothing I can do, that isn't gonna be a mistake

...and it simply repeats itself 

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