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Deus - Pocket Revolution tab

dEUS  pocket revolution

I found just a little part of the song, but if this little tab inspires someone else to 
the whole song ;-)

the bassline

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E	|----------------------------------------------------------------|
B	|----------------------------------------------------------------|
G	|----------------------------------------------------------------|
D	|----------------------------------------------------------------|
A	|----------------------------------------------------------------|
E	|--------3-3-3-3-63-3-3-3-8-------------------------------------|

The chorus

E	|---------------------------------------------------------------|
B	|---------------------------------------------------------------|
G	|------------------6----7---- 9-----4---------------------------|
D	|-----------12-----7----8----10---- 5---------------------------|
A	|-----------12-----7----8--- 10-----5---------------------------|
E	|-----------10-----5----6-----8-----3---------------------------|

The chorus is 100% right, I watched them play it live
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