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Devendra Banhart - Hows About Tellin A Story tab

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Tabbed by: Robert Q.

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

      G           D         C
Well, howís about telliní a story
G          D            C
One thatís really about somebody
G         D       C
What they saw and what they did
Am                D
How they died and how they lived
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G             D              C
By the time I found a name I moved onto another game
       G             D                C
Called write a song, toes and spines, god damn
    G                D         C
Now I canít think of any story lines
                 Am                           D
But you know Iíd love to try and sing about a person, place, or thing

G         D                C
Mansonite and the Wolfman, Katmandu, and Honest Abe
G                 D                        C
Something happens up in Tucson and then it happens again in Maine
G       D      C                      G
San Francisco, sweet thing, ladedada na!
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