Devin Davis - Deserted Eyeland tab

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Tabbed by Albert Tan

Capo first fret

Chord Diagrams:
       D   Dsus2 Dsus4   C9  Cmin9   Bm  F#maj  F#7    A     E     G    Gm

Intro: D, Dsus2, C9, Cmin9

For the verses, whenever you see "D", just fiddle around with the
D, Dsus2, Dsus4, C9 and Cmin9 unless otherwise noted. To get the pattern, just
listen to the song.

The ship went down to lay on the ground 
At the bottom of the sea
I wound up on a deserted island
Bm                                 F#maj         F#7
When the ancient lights held their dances in the sky
A                                      E
Well, they nearly got me thinking that I could stay
G                           Gm
But I had to get out right away

D       Dsus2  G    A
Mmmmmm, mmmmm, ooh
D       Dsus2       Dsus4       D

But at last my shoes dropped back in the grooves
Of the city's slippery stairs
I stepped out on a deserted eyeland
Bm                                 F#maj        F#7
When the mirrors on the moon shine down onto my lagoon 
A                                E
They make me think a lot about a rental car
Filled with half a tank of gas
F#maj                           F#7
Or what it would take to get me past
A                                         E
All the welcome signs they planted on the edge of town
            G                          Gm
Man, I must surely be the luckiest guy around 
Spending all this time above the ground

***D, Dsus2, Dsus4, C9, Cmin9 for this entire verse:***
And the part that's right before the end 
Goes over and over again:
"We all live on a deserted eyeland."
And the part that's right before the end 
Goes over and over again:
"We all live on a deserted eyeland." 

For acoustic playing purposes, just end on a D major barre chord (10th fret, relative to capo)

And that's all there is to it!
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