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Devon Sproule - Keep Your Silver Shined tab

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I adore this song. I think that the chorus sounds better when it is played with 
barre chords higher up the fretboard. Enjoy!

We got the last of the apples,
Rosy just from the weather,
D         A    C#       
An orchard map spread out green and red.
A ten-cent yellow hat,
Rotten fruit kicked off the path.
D                A
Our hands in our pockets
And our pockets in our pants.

A                          E
Racing out ahead to be the reddest heart beat beating,
D          A             C#
Out on the scene busting blood through a young body.
A puddle with a jacket cap,
A picnic in a mountain pass,
D          A      C#
A taste of summer coming back:
A summer swam by a foggy dam.
D#m            B             C#
A Poughkeepsie scam around a mountain bend.
           F#                      D#m
The season changed, the best of us changed.
               B                        C#
The rest of us stuck behind to keep the silver shined.

D, E, F#

A piano in a window bay
A straight back with a ribboned braid
D          A           C#
Blue Ridge brick in an almond shade
A chin on a worn-out wrist.
A magnet with a grocery list says:
D      A      C#
My, oh my, my toes get tired,
A              E          D  A      C#
But I dont let on, or let goI sing along.

A, E, D, A, C#, F#, D#m, B, C#, F#, D#m, B, C#, D, E

Back home Ive got a couple friends
We drink together on the weekends
D           A                 C#
We keep our nails trimmed and fingers tough.
Ive got a felt hat collection,
A dresser drawer to put my pants in.
D              A            C#
What, oh, what more could a woman want?
I want an overhaul for my guitar,
A string endorsement and a shiney new car.
D        A           C#
Piles of fruit and a fully stocked bar.
Money for a flight out west,
Cute shoes and a vintage dress,
D        A                 C#
Big, new houses for all my relatives.
           F#       D#m        
I want to land in a tugging hand:
           B          C#
A youthful bed with a youthful plan.
          F#               D#m
I want to wait and take my time,
       B                 C#
All my time, and keep my silver shined.

D, E, F#, 
D, E, F#.
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