Dewey Cox - The Mulatto Song chords

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The Mulatto Song

by Dewey Cox

Capo 7

C                                                          F

If youíll permit me Iíd like to sing a song about the mulatto
G                                                        C

Live and let live even if thereís mixed blood thatís my motto
F                G

One half Voodoo, one half Wisconsin, 
Heíll do your taxes but he won't stop danciní
F                     G
Slaves holding wipes, halfros with hips
That's the Mulatto
C                                                      F

Half Boogie, half uptight, half day and half night mulatto
G                                                  C

Coffee with cream like a billion at playing the lotto
F                     G

One whole is good but two halves is better,
Run through the jungle in a powder blue sweater
F                     G

Listen think twice I say lets be nice to 
The mulatto
F                       G              C
Jive talking sister who donít move her hips
F                         G             C
Big hammer, big nail with great golfing tips
F                         G             C

Guys who can box and have pool memberships
F                     G                  C
Itís time to come to grips with the mulatto



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