Dianne Reeves - Land Of The Loving chords

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Beautiful song.Had to really play and sing this myself before sharing it to you.


C                       G/C            
Deep in your eyes is a promise
   C                    FM7/C
Love can be ours if we want it
 Am7       Em           Gm      C    F
Starting tonight every dream I ever knew
Dm7                      Em
Here n your arms, I'm believing
 F                       D              G
Finally my life has a  meaning of its own
F                         Em    G      C
Here in the land of the loving, ……I am home.

 C                 G/C
I was alone in the city
 C                        C/FM7
Searching for someone to find me
 Am7         Em           Gm         C     F
Cold empty nights and a million strangers’ eyes
 Dm7                      Em
Here in your arms, I'm beginning
 F                        D            G
To leave behind all the loneliness, I knew
 F                        Em      G          C
Here in the land of  the loving……. there is you

 F       G     Em   Am     Dm7      G
In this simple room ………...magic is made
            Gm7            C
Though the world seems unchanged
 E7                         Am    Am/  G
Leave the lights on I'm a little afraid
               D               G
This might be just one sweet dream

 C                         G/C
Deep in the night love is growing
 C                     FM7/C
Though I had no way of knowing
 Am               Em
That when I found you
         Gm         C   F
I found everything I need
Dm7                       Em
Here in your love I'll be staying
 F                       D             G
Finally my life won't be living all  alone
F                         Em
Here in the land of the loving
I am Home
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