Dick And Dee Dee - Young And In Love chords

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Young And In Love:Dick And DeeDee.
#6 A.C. and #17 on BB Hot 100 on
WARNER BROS. Records in 1963.


G           Em   G  Bm     D     Am7       D
When you're you..ng and in love..the whole world 
seems to know.
C       D      G      E      C
Love is like a candle light, always giving off 
A glow.

G           Em   G  Bm           F     Am7
When you're you..ng and in love, so in love, all 
     D                G  Em7 
your troubles pass on by.
C        D               F7    Am7  Em7    C
There is nothing in this whole wide world, that 
      D             G
could ever make you cry.

C                  C///  G                     G///
When you're in love......you walk in the clouds..
    D                   G   G7
the night time turns to day.
C                  C///       G             G///  A
And the dark clouds......that cover the sky.......they 
                    D   Eb 
just seem to float away.

Ab          Fm7   Cm        Db    Eb    Bbm       Eb
When you're you...ng and in love (so in love) the whole 
               Ab   Fm7
world seems to know.
Db      Eb     Ab    F# Fm     Db     Eb
Love is like a cand..le light, always giving off 
the glow.

Db  Eb                   Ab    Db          Eb
The whole world seems to know, when you're young 
and in love..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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