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Dick Van Dyke - Hushabye Mountain chords

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The other versions don't sound right to me, so this is my try.

The Am, Am(maj7) and Am7 is basically a step down of the fourth string:

      Am     Am(maj7) Am7

The B7 can be played in various ways, I like the sound of this one:


  Am       Am(maj7)    Am7      Dm
  A gentle breeze from hushabye mountain

  F      Am         B7      E
  Softly blows o'er lullaby bay

  Am           Am(maj7) Am7            Dm
  It fills the sails of boats that are waiting

  F          Am        E      Am
  Waiting to sail your worries away

  Dm        B7        E 

  Am       Am(maj7) Am7      Dm
  It isnít far to   hushabye mountain

  F        Am         B7          E
  And your boat waits down by the quay

  Am           Am(maj7)  Am7        Dm
  The winds of night so  softly are sighing

  F              Am       E           Am
  Soon they will fly your troubles to sea

  Dm            A       F        G
  So close your eyes on hushabye mountain

  Bb   Dm         B7            E
  Wave goodbye to cares of the day

      Am         Am(maj7)  Am7      Dm
  And Watch your boat from hushabye mountain

  F        Am        E       Am
  Sail far away from lullaby bay
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