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Dickey Lee - Big Brother chords

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Big Brother:Dickey Lee.
#101 on BB Hot 100 on HALL Records
in 1964. (Another 'tear-jerker' from
          the Master..D.L.)


F                 Bb         F
She was seven and I was just ten..
                    Bb          F
when she moved next door to the house 
we lived in. 
    Bb                     F
She followed me around and got in my hair..
    C                       F
wherever I looked, she'd be there. 

F                           Bb        F
An awkward little girl with big brown eyes..
Bb                    F
she'd ask me over for tea and mud pies.
  Bb                          F
A freckle-faced angel, always in my way..
      C                          F   F7
but I couldn't refuse when she'd say..

Bb           F                     C
Big brother, take me with you..wherever 
you're going I want to go, too. 
Bb                   F
You're so silly, the things that you do..
    C                       F......F#
but big brother, how I love you.
F#                     B         F#
As she grew older, I'd take her around..
     B                   F#
we'd go to the fair when it came to town. 
    B                          F#
The side-shows and candy would keep us all day..
    C#                           F#  F#7
and when we were late, she would say..

B                          F#
Mother, there's no need to worry and fuss.. 
C#                 F#
my big brother can take care of us. 
B                    F#          C#
He's like one of our own family..big brother 
takes care of me.
G                           C                G
So, the years flew by, then one night in the spring..
C               G
all of a sudden she was eighteen. 
   C                          G
No longer the little girl I'd known all my life..and I 
D                     G
wanted to make her my wife. 

G                         C          G        C
But a few days later, her heart all order that 
I'd be the first one to know. 
C                        G                     D
She brought him over and in her sweet way..she told me of 
              G   G7
their wedding day.
C            G                     D
Big brother, I'd been so long..but now big brother will 
have to be strong. 
    C                        G                   D
So, I'll turn and hide these tears in my eyes..I can't let 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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