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Dierks Bentley - Cant Live It Down tab

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Can't Live It Down
Dierks Bentley
Long Trip Along

Great song by a great artist.

In the pre chorus hit the chords once except for the (F) chord.

G-F-G-G x2

Verse 1:
I've been called a rambler
         F                           G       F
'Cause I keep my eyes on that horizon line
And I've been called a gambler
         F                           G         F
'Cause I always wanna let my winnings ride

Pre Chrus:
              G    Asus2 F 
I've been broke more     times than I can count
              G   Asus2 F
I've been stuck for     days in a lonely town
When my luck ran south
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G                   D
Hey I might be makin' me a reputation
  Of goin' my own way and
I can't live it down
G                        D
Got the throttle wide open gonna live it up knowin'
In this life you only
Get one go around
(no chord)
And I can't live it down


Verse 2:
There's times I've wasted money
         F                             G            F
'Cause I know that I can always make more cash
But wasted time is something man
F                               G
When it's gone you can't get it back

Pre Chorus:
         G  Asus2 F
So I'll go on     burnin' up both ends
             G    Asus2 F
'Cause I don't want a   whole lot of might've-beens
Now that would be a sin

(Repeat Chorus)

Pre Chorus:
         G   Asus2 F
Gonna live for     places I ain't been
         G    Asus2 F
Make a lot more     good remember-whens
Right up to the end

(Repeat Chorus)

G- F                  G     
      I can't live it down
G                  G-F-G
I can't live it down

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