Dinosaur Jr - I Aint Sayin tab

                             I Ain't Sayin' - Dinosaur Jr.
Tabbed by: fetusrobot
E-mail: fetusrobot@gmail.com

Tuning: EADGBe (capo on 2nd fret = F#BEAC#f#)

F#m (held like Em)

e| 2
B| 2
G| 2
D| 4
A| 4
E| 2

A (held like G)

e| 5
B| 5
G| 2
D| 2
A| 4
E| 5
Run outside,
my eyes are burnin',

your eyes light up,
now I'm learnin',

not a good sign,
          A                                   F#m
heels are turnin' and they're rollin' home to you.

and so forth up to the next "rollin' home to you" line, so instead of shifting to the
F#m chord, go for this:

  (strum)                                        (strum)
G|---4-------------^4-v4-^4--[repeat once]--9--9----9~[ repeat once then------|
D|---4-------------^4-v4-^4-----------------9--9----7~ da capo al fine ]------|

(^ and v mean up-strum and down-strum)

the lead line that you hear at the beginning & outro of the song goes like this:

B|-/15~----------------15~--------------------15~--(play 12b for the for-----|
G|--------------------------------------------------the last bar instead)----|

dont forget that this tab is translated to be played with a capo on 2nd fret. all notes
are translated accordingly to standard tuning (so high E 17th fret means A, not B or
whatever), but unless you want to stretch your hand from fret 2 through fret 9 on the 
chorus or hold A like a barre chord i suggest that you use a capo. thx dont forget to comment
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