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Dion And The Belmonts - Little Diane chords

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Chords by: Chase Chafin

Very simple, same four chord progression throughout the whole song.

Chords: Bm A G F#
Or just capo at 2nd fret and play: Am G F E

Bm                             A
Diane, down deep inside I cry, Diane, without your love I'd die,
G                                  F#    (N.C.)
Diane, you know you drive me wild, Diane, you're such a little evil child

Bm A G F#
(Kazoo Solo)
        Bm                                      A
I wanna pack and leave and slap your face. Bad girls like you are a disgrace.
 G                           F# (N.C.)
Way down deep inside I cry. Without you little Diane I'd die.

Just follow that pattern through the whole song and you should be fine.
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