Dion And The Belmonts - Somebody Nobody Wants chords

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Somebody Nobody Wants
Dion and the Belmonts

G           F#m      G      D
I'm just a somebody nobody wants 
         Bm        G       A  
(Nobody wants me) nobody wants me 

D         Bm
Everybody that I see 
G                 A
Seems to have someone but me 
D               Bm
Arm in arm they walk along 
G                   A
Why does life treat me so wrong? 
D              Bm
Wish somebody wanted me 
G                    A
‘Cause I just don't wanna be 
G         F#m     G      A
Another somebody nobody wants 

D             Bm
Saturday's another night 
G             A ...
Just like any other night 
Everybody's feelin' great 
Everybody's got a date 
All of them have fun but me 
Why why why must I be 
G             F#m      G      A     
Just another somebody nobody wants 

G              A                D            Bm
Feel like my heart's about to break; I'm so sad 
G         A               E           A
I want a girl to love me; I need her bad 
D               Bm
I sit up in my lonely room 
G                 A ...
Somethin's gotta happen soon 
Wond'rin' why I'm all alone 
Want somebody of my own 
Someone who will care a lot 
Someone who will prove I'm not 
[Fisrt time]
G        F#m      G      A
Another somebody nobody wants 

[Second time]
G        F#m      G      D
Another somebody nobody wants 

(repeat & fade):
 D        Bm       G      A 
(Nobody wants me) Nobody wants me
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