Dionysos - Candy Lady chords

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Dionysos - Candy lady (La mécanique du coeur)

Accords au Ukulélé (en Do)
 Cm : 0333
 Eb : 0336
 Ab : 1343
 G  : 0232
 F  : 2010

 Intro:  Cm

Oh my Candy Lady
     Cm               Eb
Your lips it's like a bird
    Ab               Eb
How wild is the strawberry
     Ab               G
That substitutes your tongue

Es la suavidad
De tus besitos
Que da ami boca
El gusto de azucar

Cm Eb
Cm Eb
Ab Eb
Ab G

Refrain :

Ab                  Bb            Eb           Ab
Candy Candy Candy Lady let me lick your feather
Ab                  Bb            Cm            F
For ever and ever and ever even if I ache my teeth

Deja Deja Deja me mi gattito Deja me comer tus lavios
Ahora por la hora y manana Hablaran los dios

Cm                  Eb
How talented I will be
Cm                     Eb
If I keep you close to me
Ab                  Eb
The broken man like me
Ab                             G
Is not used to be good for making families

El talento lo tendré si liego a engatusarte
Si llego a serenarte sin apenarte

...(Idées pour ce pont?)...

Refrain :

Oh my Candy Lady if you never believe me I'll may never believe
In me neither oh never please believe in me my Candy Lady

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