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Dirty Pretty Things - Bloodthirsty Bastards tab

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Dirty Pretty Things Ė Bloodthirsty Bastards
Great songÖthe most part of this tab is correct. Iím sorry if a few chords are off
Verse One


C#m				G#m
The world seems out of touch now
I donít get out so much
I donít feel the same
In these bones anymore
C#m			G#m
My heels are all worn down
My loyalties are torn
Iím finding different paths now
I never saw before


A	F#m
And it hurts less every day
The paths lead me away
Lead me away from those


C#m	G#m
Blood Thirsty Bastards
Making plans for no one
 E	G#m
But themselves
C#m 	G#m
In this world of disaster
I just need someone
E       G#m
For myself

Verse Two
All the sycophants and vampires
Well I packed them off to hell
Oh Iíve been up for days now
I hope no one can tell
I do my bit oh yes
To cleanse my hands from lies
Im feeding up the zombies
Hatched from their own eyes

Bridge Two

And from these eyes
The weary eyes-cum shadows
Of a very different man

Chorus Two

Blood thirsty bastards making plans for no one
but their own
I got to be my own master
get away from these braggards, tricksters, foolish clones

(A	E	F#m		G#m)(repeated for next few lines)
Oh look at how they laugh at you now
What did you do to make this bad become true
For heavens sake
such a silly mistake
A	G#m
Youíre a legend in your mind
A 	G#m
But a rumour in your room


They all followed me down here
To an alleys dirty end
Oh I had nothing to give them
I just thought they were my friends

Doesnt matter now
Iím angry anyhow
So its the best way I can deal with


Blood thirsty bastards
making plans for no one
But their kind
Only now do I see it
I know I donít need it, no
I pay them no mind
Blood thirsty bastards making plans for no one
But themselves
In this world of disaster
I just need someone
To myself
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