Dirty Projectors - Irresponsible Tune chords

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[ch]F6/A[/ch]         D/F#               Em       
With our songs, we are outlawed

[ch]F6/A[/ch]       D/F#          F#m7    F#m
With our songs, we're alone 

      Em       Em/C#          Gdim  G#dim   A7
But without songs we're lost 

D                      G                       D
And life is pointless, harsh, and long. 

In my heart, there is music 
In my mind is a song 
But in my eyes, a world 
Crooked, fucked up and wrong 

G          D
Sing all day 
Record and play 

G               D                  F#m7   F#m
Drums and bass, and a guitar 

Will there be peace in the world, 
Or will vile winds always own the truth? 

There's a bird singing at my window 
And it's singing an irresponsible tune 
An irresponsible tune
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