Dirty Projectors - Gun Has No Trigger chords

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Am Dm Dm7 Am 
F A Am E 

[Verse 1]
Am          Dm
If you had looked
    Dm7              Am
You might have just seen them
F             A      Am   E 
Struck in the background
C             Am
You'd see the oceans
C             Am        F    
Swell and the mountains shook
C           F       A      E                 E+
You'd see a million colors if you really looked

Dm    Bdim       C          Am
Now, quick, the night draws near
Dm   Bdim    F       C
Her curtain spreads quicker
Dm  Bdim     C    Am      E          A
The safety's off, but the gun has no trigger

[Verse 2]
If you had looked, you'd be no one's coward
Distance, justice, power
You'd glimpse the password, you wouldn't need the book
You'd own both slave and master if you just had looked

[Chorus 2]
But now the banks all closed
And nothing gets bigger
The crowd will yell
But the gun has no trigger

[Verse 3]
If you had looked, you might reconsider
Or just maybe you already have
They watch you sleeping, you watch their garbage cook
You'd weep a bowl of tears if you had looked

[Chorus 3]
But now the gate comes down
The pangs are growing dimmer
You hold the gun to your head
But the gun has no trigger
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