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District 3 - What You Know About Me chords

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This isn't the way Greg plays it, but i thought it sounded similar :) 

Capo 2nd 

Its Am F C G through out the whole song.

(Verse 1)
When you're looking at me tell me what do you see
Bet you're thinking my life is so cool and complete
Just another stranger that is passing you by
You probably think that you figured me out every time

(Pre Chorus)
They don't know...
Where I came from
They don't know....
And how I stayed strong

What you know about me
And all the shit I went through just to get myself here
What you know about me
And all the nights I stayed up trying to fight back the tears
What you know about me 'cause what you see is just an image you perceive
But you know don't know about me ('ey)
What you know about, what you know about, what you know about me babe....

(Verse 2)

Everybody's got a story we just don't know about them
And everyone thinks that the world revolves around them
We're all strangers passing each other by
Moving through things that we can't get out inside

(Pre Chorus)


Don't tell me who to be words don't me shit to me
I'ma get it through to you yeah when I'm there don't be calling me
Ain't nobody gonna break us down 'cause we're just getting started started
So if you came to party let me hear you say...

(Chorus x2)
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