Disturbed - Sons Of Plunder chords

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---I know it's not that right, bus as the original tabs sound horrible on an 
acoustic guitar, I figured it out by myself and it sounds quite good to me---

Am    Cmaj7   Gsus2   F   G6
                          Tell me you like it
Am    Cmaj7   Gsus2   F   G6
                          Tell me you like it

Am          Cmaj7   
You say you found yourself a new sound
Gsus2                F     G6
The shits loaded and ready to go
Am        Cmaj7
A bit too much just like the old sound
Gsus2                    F         G6
Already heard it for the hundredth time
Am                             Cmaj7
One hundred more, all have the same sound
Gsus2                       F          G6
Running around with all the sheep that you know
Am         Cmaj7
It's so sublime, they're breaking new ground
Gsus2                        F        G6
They're sure to have another hit this time
Come on
Can't you just leave it alone
It doesn't have any soul
Just find a thing of your own
            G6         Am
And stop pretending to know
                         Cmaj7                   Gsus2
As the countless numbers hunger for world wide renown
                        F            G6            Am
All the pimping sons of plunder will roll up their sleeves
                      Cmaj7                   Gsus2
All searching for the answers they don't even care to know
Give it to me
Give it to me
You like it?

It just follows the whole song with those five chords.

Chords are played like this:
  Am  Cmaj7 Gsus2 F   G6

 by R135
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