Dixie Chicks - Dont Waste Your Heart chords

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Verse 1:
        E            A 
For the life of me I can't believe 
That you're on your knees beggin please
        E                 A 
All the pushing away and puttin down
          F#m                    B
Can't you see you're gettin the run around

Verse 2:
Oh it's plain to see you'd rescue me
From my loneliness, so called unhappiness
Oh I didn't mean to cause you pain
I've got nothing to lose and nothing to gain

                 A          B
Don't waste your heart on a wild thing
            E                    A   
She's got a soul that was set on one thing
        E          A             E       A 
Oh this bird can't sing when you tie its wings
                 F#m   B  E  (C#m, 2nd time)
Don't waste your heart on me

Inst: E A E E  E A E E  E A F#m B

C#m               F#m 
Its funny how the girls get burned
C#m                 F#m        A
But honey as far as I'm concerned
The tables have turned


                E      A                  E      A
And I'm here to apologize, my heart can't compromise
                 F#m   B  A   E
Don't waste your heart on me
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