Django Django - Hand Of Man tab

Howdy, there were no tabs to this tasty jam and it was very sad so here we go. You 
may be flabbergasted to discover this isn't EXACTLY how it's played but hey
Thank you,
LNR =] BČ)

A one a two a three a four..

A5 [002200]          A5/C [032200]  Fmaj7 [033210] Sliiiide to a G[055430]

G [355400]                           F [133200]

Sit down and talk to me
Think of colors, shapes and harmony
Picture it, the space becomes a scene
Open up your eyes and start to dream

Sit down and think what it could be
for the lands and pass and think and see
That's the place where songs and laughs began
Go back and take the Hand of Man.
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