Do Make Say Think - Landlord Is Dead tab

			     The Landlord is Dead - Do Make Say Think
Tabbed by: Seanie McDonald (Cork, Ireland)

Tuning: e
Just play the strings open and it already sounds like Do Make Say Think!
It is possible to play this song in standard tuning, apart from the harmonics part 
only occurs twice in the song anyway). Plus it's easier in this tuning.

The rythm of this song can be confusing, but just play along with the
track and it should fall into place. I've tried to space the notes
roughly in time with how they're played.

Main riff, Guitar 1:
e |-----------------------------------------------|
B |-----0---------0---------0--------0------------|
A |----------------------3-------30---------------|
E |-----------------------------------------4--0--|
                                            Bend up 1/4 on 4th fret

This measure is thrown in every now and then. Sometimes, particularly
in the heavy bit, the two are parts are blended.
e |-----------------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------------|
A |---------------------3--------30---------------|
E |-----------------------------------------4--0--|
                                            Bend up 1/4 on 4th fret

The harmonics are notated with a '+' sign after them.
This is where the alternative tuning is necessary. It's played once
about half way through the track, then there's one measure of guitar 1
solo before it gets heavy. Then it's played again right at the end of
the track.
e |-----------------------------------------------|
B |--------------------------------0--------------|
A |--12+------7+----------------6--------7+-------|
E |-----------------------------------------------|

If you want to get technical about the rythm, there are fourteen
beats to each measure, with a shuffle rythm to each beat!
I wouldn't bother trying to count though. Just play along and enjoy.
Have fun.
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