Dogpiss - The Smoking Song chords

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Artist: Dogpiss
Song: The Smoking Song

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 3rd Fret

Relative to Capo:


C,    G,    Am,    F,
C,    G,    Em,    F, G.

C                                  G
Heard it all before, don't want to hear no more about it

Chewing gum is aggravating me

And climbing walls don't suit me

         C                         G
Well I'm used to smoking 20 before lunchtime

                   Em          F            G
I don't get up til 10 - what a drag, what a drag

       C                   G
What a 2 & 8 I'm in today, filling up the ashtray

In the mind there's no doubt about it

's best if I don't go out

        C                           G
Cos I'd substitute my patches for a box of

                     Em          F            G            C
Safety matches and a fag. What a drag, what a drag, what a drag.

Heard it all before no need to tell me anymore
About the government health warnings
I'm still craving in the mornings
You could paper walls with what I cough up
In the early hours now and then
What a drag, what a drag
Extra strong and ultra low I've tried them all so I should know
That nothing beats a pack of 20 fags
They say I won't see 45 but at the moment I'm alive
Looking forward to another shag and a fag
What a drag.

C,    G,    Am,    F,
C,    G,    Em,    F, G.

End on C.
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