Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Godhopping tab

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Artist:     Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Song:       Godhopping
Album:      Please Describe Yourself
Tabbed by:  Wiktor R. Kolowiecki

Intro: Am                    Cm   Am        G Am


Am                              G        Am
I've found so many people like to smile a lot
G      Am
Smile a lot 'cause they're having so much fun
Cm              Bb
Even when they know they're not

They'll wear some tiny little hat and they'll feel good
They'll feel good 'cause their hat is silly
And silly means that their time is good

Pre Chorus:

Am                               G         Am
I've learnt that indecision only brings no joy
G       Am
So much joy to a fickle little world
Cm                Bb           Dm           A
That every night I do TV, film my own self CCTV
            G#                               G
And there's panic on the street when it's not around


So we go to
All those African children
Who live far away
                         Am               G
On the back of a big bus all the way to Bombay

When they go I am with them
But it won't be long
Godhopping for good times
When everything starts to go wrong



Powder cake they wear their makeup veils
Veils that hide them underneath such sweaty perfume smells

High-heeled they are always looking down
Down their confidence is struggling hard to get around

Pre Chorus


Interlude: something like intro

Outro Chorus:

All the traffic and children
Who live far away
(Godhopping)                  Am           G     
On the back of a big bus all the way to Bombay
C           F           C

                   This is a really great song, isnít it? Please e-mail me
                  if thereís something wrong (this Bb is bitting me, help,
                     help! Call the guitar police ! )

Garwolin, Poland                   
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