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Dolly Daggers - Neverending tab

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the TV's black and white the radio, 
doesn't work at all but it's a little too 
Bb                                    F       F/E      Dm
late to call someone oh should I go, out and face the life,
Bb                          C
I'm a little too scared to touch the night
Born to grow old but will I ever be,
in the spotlight light so that you can see me
Bb                                  F        F/E  Dm
see who I am but I'm way too shy, love dies and fades away 
Bb                   C
together with that glimpse in your eyes
   F          F/E   Bb          C
I'm in your head , I'm in your hell
   F          F/E   Bb          C
I'm in your head , I'm in your hell

Dm                F      Bb                
I promise I'll wake you up,
C            Dm        Bb   C   Dm 
I give my word i am always in your head,
          Bb     C     Dm                  Bb             C
time for you to go to bed, sleep away the never ending, neverending

verse 1, 
chorus and outro

(not 100% about the lyrics)
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