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Dolly Daggers - Neverending tab

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Here it is again but transposed down a half step.
Should make it easier to play for beginning guitarists.
Use these chords with a capo on the first fret
to make it sound like the track. 
Or play without the capo to sing it a little bit lower.

David Crowder

Intro (8x) [Last note donít play]

D     D      G    
Never ending Always
You will never 
D    D             G      A     
End because Youíre always never ending
D        D       G          
You were there before
There was beginning
D      D   
Always You were
G       A
You are never ending

Pre Chorus
Bm   A       F#m7
Here you are now with us 
Bm   A      F#m7      A
Here we are found in You

D                  A
    And this makes all the difference
G                A    
    This changes everything
D              A
    Making our whole existence
G                   A
    Worth something so we sing

D       A      G       A
La, la, la, la la, la, la,la

Pre Chorus


Chorus 2
And You make all the difference
Yeah, You change everything
You make our whole existence
Worth something so we sing

Bridge (5x)
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