Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You chords

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Standard tuning

mp - Quiet
mf - Loud
*  - mute



   F             C/E
If I should stay
        Dm      Am/C    BC
I would only be in your way_______

so I'll go, but I know 

C/E      Dm                Am/C        BC
    I'll think of you each step of the way______

    F    Dm       BC      F          Dm
And I_______ will al - ways love you______ 

  BC      F2        B♭m7/E♭
I will always love you

E♭7        A♭    A♭sus    A♭
    Bitter-sweet_____ memories 

 E♭/G   Fm      A♭/EDEE♭7
That is all I am taking with me__________

   Good-bye, please don't you cry 

          E♭/G Fm            A♭/E♭
'Cause we both know that I'm not 

What you need__________ 

    AFm      DEA♭
But I__________ will al - ways love you 

Fm     DEAD♭/AA♭
I will al - ways love you______________ 

I hope life, treats you kind 

E♭/G       Fm                A♭/E♭
     And I hope that you have all 

That you ever dreamed of_______

And I wish you joy 

And happiness

E♭/G    Fm   A♭/E♭
But a - bove all this

I wish you______ love_______

F#m    D    E           A
I will al - ways love____ you

F#m    D    E             *      A(9)      A
I will al - ways love____ you_______     
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