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Don Henley - Goodbye To A River tab

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Nice environmentally-themed song from Don Henley's Inside Job, probably
inspired by his work at Walden Woods. The song is on piano, but you can play
it this way with an acoustic guitar.

Intro: Dm / Am / C / G (twice)

The rains have come early, they say,
We're all going to wash away, well,
C                     G
That's all right with me..
If Heaven's torrent can wash clean
The arrogance that lies unseen,
And the damage done, since we have gone,
Where we ought not to be...

Am  G            Am    
    Goodbye to a river
    G            Am      
    Goodbye to a river
Em        Dm     Am
    So long

Verse 2 is the same as the first verse, then comes the chorus again.

Solo: Play the intro chords twice.


I make a church out of words
As the years dull my senses
C                                      G 
And I try to hold on to the world that I knew..
And I struggle to cross
These generational fences
C                                         G
And the beauty that still remains - I can touch it through you..

Repeat the chorus twice and then fade out.

That's it! Quite a simple, and yet a powerful song.
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