Don Mclean - Orphans Of Wealth tab

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                             ORPHANS OF WEALTH - Don Mclean
Tabbed by:Trephinix

Tuning:EADGBE, Capo on 1st fret

note: he uses a lot of little fills, but they are easy to figure out when
you listen to the recording. The main ones are: on the G chord that ends 
the chorus and every second line in the verse he plays something on the 
low E string like: |-0--2--0-| and he plays an F# note between the G and Em
chords in the verse and chorus. Before the Final G in the outro he plays:


   G          D        G       Em
There is no time to discuss or debate
          C              D              G
What is right, what is wrong for our people
   G          D       G             Em
Time has run out for all those who wait
          C              D            G
With bent limbs and minds that are feeble


G              Em         C                  D
And the rain falls and blows through their window
G              Em         C                  D
And the snow falls and blows through their door
G                   Em         C                  D
And the seasons revolve 'mid their sounds of starvation
G              Em         C          G
When the tides rise, they cover the floor

G                        D         G                 Em
And they come from the north and they come from the south
         C              D               G
And they come from the hills and they valleys
               G            D           G         Em
And they're migrants and farmers and miners and humans
       C        D         G
Our census neglected to tally


              G        D          G         Em
And they're African, Mexican, Caucasian, Indian
 C            D         G
Hungry and hopeless Americans
G                D              G       Em
The orphans of wealth and of adequate health
 C                  D         G
Disowned by this nation they live in

           G            D          G              Em                       
And with weather-worn hands On bread lines they stand
C            D         G
Yet but one more degradation
G                                D              G               Em
Yes, and they're treated like tramps  While we sell them food stamps
          C            D         G
This thriving and prosperous nation


           G            D         G             Em
And with roaches and rickets and rats in the thickets
C            D              G
Infested, diseased, and decaying
       G            D          G           Em
With rags and no shoes and skin sores that ooze
          C        D              G
By the poisonous pools they are playing

G         D                G               Em
In shacks of two rooms that are rotting wood tombs
        C        D              G
With corpses breathing inside them
             G          D             G            Em
Yes, and we pity their plight as they call in the night
             C            D              G
And we do all that we can do to hide them


G             Em         C                  D
And the rain falls and blows through their window
G              Em         C                  D
And the snow falls in white drifts that fall
G              Em         C                  D
and the tides rise, with floods in the nursery
G              Em
and a child is crying
C                D
hes hungry and cold
C                  D
his life has been sold
C                    D
his young face looks old
          C       D      G
its the face of america dying

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