Don Mclean - The More You Pay chords

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The auctioneer said, I'm not through yet,
C                  A                     D
Here's a horse the likes of which you've never seen,
        G                 C \ B       Am                Em
And the straw hats in the sun, with a face beneath each one,
      C\B              G              Am
Shown doubtful and the auctioneer got mean.
       Am                 G                 F          E
Do you think that you can find a horse like this every day?
   Am                     G             F      E
I don't think there's any better on this earth,
                 Am  E              Am
And the more you pay, the more it's worth.

Then out she came, a snow-white mare,
C              A              D
Prancin' and a dancin' in the silver sun,
     G                 C \ B         Am               Em
They watched her from behind, as she did her bump and grind,
        C\B            G                  Am
Walkin' naked, sad and graceful for their fun.
   Am             G                 F          E
Oh how I wished I could afford that lady painted white,
  Am              G           F     E
A queen with high nobility of birth,
                 Am  E              Am
But the more you pay, the more it's worth.

My pockets hung with empty blues,
C                 A              D
Silent heels were standin' on my growin' pains,
    G              C \ B    Am             Em
My bid was not too bad, two bits was all I had,
        C\B             G             Am
And the stable boy just handed me the reins.
         Am           G             F               E
Well the gallery went wild, and the auctioneer half smiled,
Am              G               F          E
  What we don't sell we shoot or give away,
                    Am  E              Am
'Cause the more you pay, the more it's worth.

    Bm            Em       Bm          Em
And where was the boy, who rode on her back,
         Bm           Em               A
With his arms holding tight round her neck?
    Bm         Em
How tightly he clung,
     Bm             Em      
When they both were young,
    C       B        Am
And fate had not let this poor girl be so
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